Our services | False Ceiling & Light Partitions Installation

We do installation of all kind of false ceiling and light partition works with the highest level of quality. The services we offer includes commercial interiors, retail shop interiors, offices interiors, hotel lobby interiors, hotel suites interiors and regular homes also. We also have a vast choice of designer ceiling tiles that can be used for providing acoustical insulation. The various types of insulation we stock include those that do not need any dismantling of your current ceiling, but simply adding on, with minimal disruption. We also offer the regular ceiling tiles found in various locations like school buildings, studios, hospitals, labs, etc, offering the specifications your need for your business.

Types of false ceilings undertaken by us

  • Fiber false ceiling
  • Glass false ceiling
  • Gypsum false ceiling
  • Metal false ceiling
  • Plastic false ceiling
  • Wooden false ceiling

Partitions work undertaken by us can be done using the different style and materials.

  • Gypsum sheets
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Plaster slab
  • A.C. sheet or G.I. sheet
  • Wood-wool
  • Pure Wood
  • Engineered Wood