Our services | Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting

Plumbing Works can assist with all your plumbing works including plumbing repairs, new plumbing Installations, plumbing maintenance, pipelines etc. Our plumbing services team handles all aspects of plumbing, drainage works. Our plumbing engineers design with an approach in influencing high water efficiency, energy, pollution systems and a sustainable site. We are able to provide assessments, recommend alternatives, and thus provide high-functioning systems that meet the client's very specific individual need as well as assisting in conserving natural resource.

We are specialized in supplying plumbing and sanitary parts. We have the ideal materials, fittings and accessories for applications in any types of space required. We can also meet the customized demands of our clients in the range as per their specifications.

Our services include

  • Repair & cleaning of blocked drains, manholes, gutters, toilets & sinks.
  • Servicing & Maintenance of water supply pumps and drain pumps.
  • Servicing & repair of water supply, drainage leaks and cleaning of water tanks.
  • Servicing, maintenance & replacement of water heaters, water filtration system & swimming pools.