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Expo-led construction complete on March

To Train skilled and unskilled personals for Construction of inside & outside building plaster on various structural elements by using different types of methods of plastering with workshop trainings by following local/International standards, specifications, approved materials, tools and equipment’s.

  • Basic Engineering & Terminology for Plaster works
  • Introduction
  • Measurements of Plaster works
  • Specifications & Requirements of good Plaster works
  • Overview of Tools & Equipment’s used for Plaster works
  • Storage & Handling of Plastering materials
  • Types of Plastering methods & materials
  • Introduction of Mortar
  • Construction of Plastering works
  • Testing/Check List of Plastering works
  • Failures in Plaster works
  • Safety & Preventive Measures in Plaster works
  • Scaffolding for Plaster works